Create a lineup for your team with the Mingle Sport app

How to create a lineup for your grassroots football soccer team with Mingle Sport App

Do you want to create a lineup for your football (soccer) team? To prepare tactics for your upcoming match. Or a lineup to share on Instagram. You can use Mingle Sport as your football formation creator. Just choose your team size, select your formation and add your players. Lineups are free to create for any team.

Step 1. Setup your match

Lineups are linked to matches. As a coach, trainer or team manager you can create a match in the schedule section of the Mingle Sport app. You can also do it in Homebase. Our desktop web app. Lineups can be created in the app. For now you can’t create them online in Homebase.

Currently we support football (soccer) and futsal (indoor soccer). In the near future lineups will also become available for field hockey and other sports.

Step 2. Choose team size and formation for your lineup

To customise your lineup, first choose the number of players. Whether you play five aside 7-a-side, 8v8 or with 11 players: you can pick any team size. (choose between 11, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 players.)

Once team size has been set, you can select your favourite formation. For instance 4-4-2 (”diamond formation”), 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 (“magic rectangle formation”). Pick the lineup formation you want based on your tactical plan.

Visual of customise your lineup for your grassroots soccer football team, create it with the Mingle Sport app

Step 3. Add players to the lineup

Tap the plus icon on the position to add a player. Choose the appropriate player for that position and repeat this process for all positions. Players will be added with their name and profile picture.

Once you added all player on the lineup field, also add the subs. To prepare for your game as a coach you can also create different versions of the lineup. To create your starting lineup tap the basic (starting) lineup button, you can create as many lineups you want.

To create a lineup fast you can reuse your previous lineup.

(Coming soon) Track minutes played and substitutions with your lineup

For those coaches or team managers that want to track minutes played, we will release a new match timer feature. By tracking match time and substitutes you will be able to track minutes played for each player. Before the timer starts we will ask you to confirm your starting lineup and substitutions.

Step 4. Share your lineup with players and followers

All team members will be able to see the lineup in the lineup tab of the match. Want to share it outside of Mingle? You can also share to Whatsapp, Instagram , X (Twitter) or download your lineup. Once you press share, you’ll see a nice field with the player pictures and the match.

Enjoy our lineup builder tool. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the support chat feature. We regularly improve our lineup feature.

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