Community guidelines

Our community guidelines

Mingle Sport is an app for all players, team supporters and fans out there. Being part of the Mingle Sport community is a commitment to the core values of team sports: fair play, fun and healthy competition.

Fair Play

We treat one another respectfully. Positive feedback is welcome. Speak about people with respect. That includes players from the opponent, the trainer coach and referee. There is zero tolerance for discrimination or sexism in the Mingle Sport community.


Ultimately we are playing a game. It’s about trying to win, working out and above all: having fun! We appreciate good jokes and the fact we shouldn’t take ourselves too serious. What is important is that we do not exclude or hurt people by having fun. Don’t belittle anyone.

Healthy Competition

Yes we all want to win. Competition makes players and teams better. Being competitive is good, but we add the word healthy as we don’t want competition to turn into combat.

Community rules

You are part of the Mingle Sport community. Even when you join just a small team with a few followers. By using Mingle Sport you commit to the following rules:

  1. Treat everyone with respect;
  2. Act as good sports(wo)men;
  3. Do not discriminate, nor tolerate or endorse discriminative content;
  4. Don’t be sexist, nor tolerate or endorse sexist content;
  5. Use the Mingle Sport app in the context of ball sports and not use it for other purposes;
  6. Speak up when you see others misbehave. Either by commenting to them directly and/or by reporting content that violates our community rules;
  7. Safety above all: don’t use the Mingle App in unsafe situations;
  8. Follow guidelines from officials, sports associations and local governments
  9. Create your own content, don’t share content that you are legally not allowed to;
  10. Be nice.