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Stay up-to-date on what's happening with your favourite players - on and off the pitch.

Missing away games doesn't have to be a sad occasion. Follow your team's progress in our app through the match feed - at home and away.

FOMO is no longer a thing

Common issues we hear

"Remotely following the highlights of a grassroots game isn't as easy as a professional game"

"There's nowhere for me to follow my friends' football activities"

"I can never see the goals that well because the video has been shot from too far away"

Automatic chat groups

There is a chat groups for players. There is a chat group for team support like assistants or parents. There is a group for all. Easy.

Follow the game

Follow your favourite players and team, and experience the game through a new lens. Live or later. Check the scores, read the match report, and watch those awesome videos.

Follow the game

Privacy-friendly following

Follow your friends and see what they're upto during their games. Cheer them on and leave comments.

We take privacy seriously, so only follow and be followed by people you approve of. Safely and securely.

Privacy-friendly following

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