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Capture ball games like a pro

Common issues we hear

"It's tough to capture high-quality content during the game, especially when I'm on my own"

"Capturing quality videos with your mobile phone is difficult"

"It's tough to build an audience and engage with our fans with our current setup"

Pro tools for you

Today's line-up. Live match notifications. Automatically enhanced videos with our Adaptive Zoom feature. Everyone can be a professional reporter.

Report on the match

Keep followers engaged and create a professional match report. Add text, audio, and video commentary on the way to victory. During, or after the game.

Report on the match

More eyes on your game

Increase the number of people that follow your game. Keep them up-to-date during or after the game.

We take privacy seriously, so only follow and be followed by people you approve of. Safely and securely.

More eyes on your game

Rate your match

Rate how well your team played after every game. Did you have an off-day, or was your team on fire?

Vote together as a team, and try to get a better rating every week.

Rate your match

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