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Boost your team

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Boost your team

Coaches love Mingle Sport for the line-ups, scorekeeping and attendance tracking. Players are motivated by leaderboards, match voting and the monthly team awards. Parents and friends love to follow live match updates and cheer to highlight clips.

We’re introducing our first premium product called: Team Boost level 1. By boosting your team, everyone gets more stats and better scorekeeping features. Coaches and managers get more control.

What is a Team Boost?

A Team Boost is token to level up your team. You need one Team Boost to level up to Level 1. Level 1 gives teams more and better features. By default, every team starts at Level 0. This gives you access to all the great features like scorekeeping, line-up, attendance tracking and leaderboards. For free. Without annoying banner ads. And 100% secure.

By introducing different Team Boost levels, teams can choose which level fits their needs best. There will be 3 paid levels.

What is included in Team Boost level 1?

1000’s of coaches and players have reached out, asking for specific features. Based on their input we developed the most advanced and affordable football app.

  • Everything from the basic app (scorekeeping, line-up, attendance tracking, liveblog, video and many more)

  • Advanced line-up features ( line-up versions, hide line-up before match)

  • Minutes played and cards

  • Admin permissions

  • Desktop app: Homebase with extra insights and stats

Team Boost levels

In August ‘24 we will introduce level 1. You can already use most of the features. Some will be added in the months ahead.

How do I Boost my team?

You can boost your team in the Team Section of the Mingle app. Go the Team Level page and hit Boost. Subscribe to a monthly or annual boost. And your done.

Can I transfer my team boost to another team?

Yes you can. Suppose you join another team or start a new season.. you can use your Team Boost and assign it to another team. There will be a Team Boost wallet available to manage your boosts. For now you can contact support and we will take care of the transfer.

Boost your team in the Team Section

Get the exclusive Early bird discount

Team Boost level 1 will cost 6,99* EUR a month or cheaper if you go for an annual subscription. This is not an individual price, but the price for the whole team.

We value our early bird customers. Pay now 4,99 EUR per month when you buy the subscription now!**

Check out the early bird deal in the app!

*Prices can vary per country
**Discount is available until 31st of July