June 12, 2024

2 min read

Spotlight Team of The Month: AC Universitarios


In this series, we get to know the teams in our Mingle Sport Community a bit more.

This month, our spotlight team is AC Universitarios from California, USA.

Name & location

AC Universitarios from Oxnard, California, USA

Founded in

May 2023

Team format


Biggest victory

Our biggest victory has to be when we won a consolation tournament which got us free registration for the next season. It was a pre-season tournament in which we went undefeated in 4 games for it after a heartbreaking first season. Since then we’ve been in good form.

Biggest loss

Our biggest loss has to be going out in our first ever quarterfinal in a 1-4 defeat

Most memorable moment as a team

Our most memorable moment would be the game one of the players' dad scored his first goal for the club against Astros! No one would have thought he’d score a goal for the club at 52 years old, but when he did we all went and celebrated with him.

If you could have one player join your team for one match, who would it be?

Zlatan to Uni - here we go! That would be such an amazing experience. The player who we'd want to join for one game would be Zlatan Ibrahimovic as he is everyone’s idol.

If you could get coached by one manager for one game, who would it be?

Guardiola would have to be the answer here. The way he is able to make sure his players get the instructions one on one and is able to get in their players head in a motivating way... he is who we'd want here at Universitarios.

Best footballing advice

A ref once told us “it is unnecessary to slide in your opponent’s half” he marked a foul and gave us a yellow for it. What we have to say about that is “if you know it’s necessary, then it’s necessary”. There’s clearly a difference in mindsets there - one mind shows how he takes the game calmly, while the other shows how passionate he is for the game.

Favourite Mingle Sport feature

Our favorite feature on Mingle Sport would definitely be all the features for matchdays but if we had to choose one it would be the voting for MVP, Workhorse, and Playmaker.

Anything else you want to share about your team?

We are Universitarios. Without the help of our small fan base we actually wouldn’t try as hard as we do.

Big thanks to Universitarios for being our Spotlight Team of the Month!

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