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June 19, 2024

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Mingle Sport vs. Spond: Best Football Team Management App


When choosing a sports management app for your football team, it’s important to consider the features and benefits of each option. Mingle Sport and Spond are two popular choices, with grassroots coaches often opting to use one of the two apps.

We will analyse key features of both apps and provide an honest assessment of the pros and cons of both apps, allowing you to decide which app is best suited to your needs and team.

Which app to choose?

With so many different grassroots football apps out there, it can be overwhelming for a coach to decide which app to use for their team. After all, once the team is onboarded within an app it's often too much of a hassle to swap.

It's up to the coach to decide what their needs are, and what is most important to them in the app. It could be to optimise team performance, streamline attendance and team logistics, or track stats throughout the season.

Mingle Sport and Spond both offer solutions for coaches' problems, and depending on the needs of the coach either one could be beneficial to them and their team.

Mingle Sport vs. Spond comparison

Mingle SportSpond
Team Management Tools✔️ Scheduling, attendance, logistics✔️ Scheduling, attendance
Match Reports✔️ Scorekeeping, live blog❌ Limited content sharing
Performance tracking✔️ Track stats, get insights❌ Limited
Team motivation✔️ Leaderboards, Team Awards, MVP Voting❌ Limited with MVP voting
User Engagement✔️ Interactive features for players/fans❌ Functional but less interactive
Portfolio✔️ Interactive features for players/fans❌ Unavailable
Versatility✔️ Coaches, players, parents, fans✔️ Coaches, players, parents
Desktop App✔️ Special desktop app Homebase✔️ Accessible via web

Comprehensive app for grassroots coaches

With Mingle Sport you can:

  • Track Player Performance:

    Monitor player stats, including attendance, shot quality, and overall performance. This data-driven approach helps coaches make informed decisions and improve team performance.

  • Manage Your Team Efficiently:

    Tools for scheduling, attendance tracking, and logistics management. Coaches can easily coordinate meeting times and locations, with automated reminders ensuring no one misses a practice or match.

  • Share Professional-Quality Content:

    Create and share TV-like highlights, line-ups, and match updates. The live blog feature keeps fans engaged with real-time updates, making the game more exciting for everyone involved.

  • Motivate the team:

    Keep your team motivated and engaged with leaderboards, monthly Team Awards, match rating, and voting for the MVP, Workhorse, and Playmaker after every match.

Mingle Sport stands out as the best alternative to Spond, offering an array of additional features.

Is Mingle Sport the right app for you?

  • You want to reduce admin headaches

  • You want to improve your team's performance

  • You want to increase motivation within the squad

  • You want to track stats throughout the season and gain insights

  • You want to share match photos and videos in a centralised place

What do Mingle Sport users say about the app:

"Players like their stats. They love the cool match visuals, and I save lots of time on team management."

"Very useful and good app. As a player, I especially like the team awards and leaderboards. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

"Was looking for this over a decade. Finally the Strava for ball sports."

"User-friendly and extensive features! Great addition for our team!"


For football teams looking to maximise performance, streamline team management, and track statistics, Mingle Sport is the superior choice. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and positive user feedback make it the best app for grassroots coaches out there. Choose Mingle Sport to get more out of your game.

Get started with Mingle Sport now.