Keep your followers up-to-date about your games so that they do not have to miss one game from your team.

Keep your followers up-to-date

Keep your fans notified about every important moment in the game

You can now keep your fans notified about every important moment that happens in your game. So now you`re fans are notfied whenever your match begins, when your team scores a goal and when the game ends.

Add content to your liveblog

With the new liveblog feature in the Mingle sport app you can add content such as photos, videos and audio so that even when your fans can`t be at the game they can still experience it.

Liveblog features

Live updates

With the new liveblog from Mingle sport you can keep your followers up to date about your game. Your followers will receive updates on everything that happens during the game: such as the start of the game, half-time, full-time and every goal that is being scored during the game.

Add content

In the new liveblog feature you can update your followers even more by adding content such as videos, photos and audio.