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We are turning screen time into play time. For a new generation of grassroots teams.

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  • Early access version of app successfully launched
  • Game Capture AI models are working
  • Investment needed to start scaling (more sports, more countries) & build premium (AI) features
  • Raising a Seed Round with over 70% already committed
  • Open to investments starting at € 2.500

The investment opportunity

About the app

Ballsports x Sportstech x Gamification

A new generations of teams wants to share great match content with followers. And track more interesting stats. Like the pro's.

Mingle Sport a social ball sports app. You can create match content that looks professional. You can track more stats and compare them in a fun way. And you can plan matches and training practices. Saves a lot of time.

We started testing our app spring '22 and launched a public beta in Sep '22. Over 550 teams started using Mingle Sport and we are wrapping up the free version in Q1 of 2023.

About the app