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Gamified performance tests

Measure key physical and technical performance like acceleration, stamina and shot quality with easy-to-setup Mini Games.

Bye bye spreadsheets

Coaches and players love data and insights. But hate keeping spreadsheets manually.

Start getting more stats and insights in your match and player performance.

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What do we measure?

Shot Quality

Shot Quality

Take a penalty without a keeper and measure shot speed, accuracy and quality.

Dribble Quality

Dribble Quality

Dribble as fast and accurate as you can.



How fast is your 20 meter dash?



Based on the Yo-Yo Intermittent test used by professionals.

Top Speed

Top Speed

How fast can you run?

Leg Power

Leg Power

Measure your leg strength with a simple vertical jump.

What's included in the program?

Official sports performance tests

Exclusive access to professional tests based on sports science.

Physical and technical player stats

Monitor player progress with Homebase - our premium desktop tool for players and coaches.

Exclusive early access

Get exclusive early access to our latest AI sportstech features.

What our users say


"This allows me to track key performance metrics of each player over the course of a season"


"I like how they turn these tests into a game that is fun to do"


"It's cool to see how I am improving over time"

How the program works

Once we have reviewed your application we will reach out.

With every coach we'll do a short virtual onboarding. We'll use chat for premium support.

The initial team test can be done by one of our experts. But you can also do these tests yourself with our instructions and remote support.

All results will be collected and presented in tables and graph. Accessible for players and coaches.

To monitor progress we recommend to repeat tests regularly. At least every 7-10 weeks.

Our Performance Program is free for all beta users in 2023.

How the beta program works

All chosen Performance Program users will have free access to the tests, results and premium support for 2023. No strings attached. Data can be downloaded by the teams and will not be shared with others.

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