Get the most out of Mingle

By Rein de Jong | November 8, 2022

Mingle Sport is on a mission to let the world enjoy ball sport more by becoming your social platform for football. This allows you to get more out of your game and lets you experience ball sports like a pro. But how do you get the most out of Mingle? We take you through our features and what value this can have for you and your team. Already part of a team? In this article we describe how to get the most out of Mingle. Not part of a team yet? Learn here about why Mingle is fun for players, trainers, parents and teams!

Create your team (or join an existing team)

You can easily create your team in Mingle. If your teammate has already claimed your team. No worries. You can join the team via a QR code, 4 digit code or a link. All clubs affiliated with the KNVB are currently in the app.

Team management: Schedule your match & training

Team creation complete and teammates invited? Make organizing and the logistics behind a team easy by scheduling match and training on the schedule page. Here players can indicate their availability. This saves a lot of going back and forth. You can schedule your training and automatically repeat it weekly, per 2 weeks or monthly. In the next paragraph you will learn more about the possibilities with a created match.

01 Schedule overview (1)
02 Create event
06 Schedule Detail (5)
04 Create Match Invite

Report your match and capture ball sport like a pro

You can make a nice match report that your followers can follow. During or after the match, players/trainers/team support can indicate who has scored, use the video capture tool and share cool video content from the match. You also have the ability to share photos, text and audio messages to keep everyone informed of what’s happening during the match.

The match reports can be made during the match or afterwards. You can also report matches that have already been played in the past.

Track your stats

Get more out of your game by indicating during or after the match who scored and which player provided the assist. These stats are automatically placed on your personal profile page. On the profile page you can see the amount of matches you have played, goals you scored and how many times you assisted a goal. Have you already played a good amount of matches this season? No problem. In the app you can report matches that happened in the past to keep your stats up to date.

Rate the match and vote for the players of the match

Was the team ‘on fire’? All players, trainers and team support can give the match a rating. From way below their level indicated by a small flame to a great game indicated by a large flame. After every match, anyone can vote and the average result becomes the match rating. After all, the result is not always a good representation of the performance. In addition to the match rating, there is also the option to vote for individual players who made the difference. Vote for the hardest working player; the Workhorse, the player with lots of creative plays; the Playmaker and finally the player who really made the difference during the match; the Most Valuable Player.

The results will be announced 48 hours after the game.

Workhorse: who worked the hardest and just kept going?

Workhorse: who worked the hardest and just kept going?

Workhorse: who worked the hardest and just kept going?

Playmaker: who was the playmaker with lots of creative actions?

Workhorse: who worked the hardest and just kept going?

Most Valuable Player (MVP): which player made the difference in this match?


Your stats are not only visible on your profile page. You can also compare yourself with your teammates, other players from your club and followers. Check the leaderboards for goals, assists, games played, MVPs, Playmakers and Workhorses. Challenge yourself and your friends. Will you be on top when it matters?

The Mingle Sport app is now available in the IOS app store and the Google Play Store. Questions/suggestions/feedback? Just let us know via the helpdesk or send an e-mail to [email protected].