Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to offer great customer support. Please find our most frequently asked questions below.

What devices is Mingle Sport available on?

The Mingle Sport app is available on the iOS App store and Google Play store, for devices running on a minimum of iOS 15 or Android 8.0.

Is the Mingle Sport app free?

The Mingle app is free to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It's ad-free too.

Can I delete or change my account?

In the app it is only possible to change some of the information regarding your profile. You always have the right to request a change or removal of information. You can do that by sending us an e-mail at support

Can I create / join multiple teams?

Yes, you can join or create multiple teams and have a different role in each of them.

Does Mingle store my data?

We only store the data that is of legitimate interest to us. Your information is safe with us and we will always use this data properly. In our privacy statement we explain what we do at Mingle Sport App with information that we learn about you.

Who can see my information?

When setting up your account you can choose who can see your profile and activities. You can select one of the three options; Everyone, followers or private. As a user you are always in control who can follow you.

Who can see my content?

Privacy wise our app is designed so that only people from your team and people who follow you can see content that is created for the team. As a user you are always in control who can follow you.

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