Save time managing your KNVB football team

Do you want to spend less time arranging everything around your KNVB football team?

We got you covered!

We know how much time it takes to arrange everything around your football team. As a team coordinator, trainer, captain, and player, we recognize these questions:

  • Who is present?
  • Where do we collect?
  • What time do we collect?
  • Can anyone drive?

Do you have all the answers? They are usually hidden in various Whatsapp groups, email conversations,, phone calls, Excel sheets, etc.

It doesn't have to be that complicated though!

How can you use Mingle for your KNVB football team?

Mingle is fun and useful for teams. Before, during and after the game!

Before the match

Save yourself time by using the app to plan your matches!

  • Schedule all your KNVB matches (& training sessions) so you have a complete overview of all your team activities. The app gives teams insight into the details of matches, such as time, location, and directions to the club.
  • Team RSVP - your team will be notified when new activities are added. This way you quickly have insight into how many players are present at a match.
  • Who's driving? - Players can indicate whether they can drive or prefer to ride with someone. Never have too few cars for an away game!
  • Reminders & notifications
    • Your team will receive a reminder 3 days before the match or training.
    • Haven't received a response from all the players? You can always send them an extra notification yourself!
  • Change match - KNVB match cancelled? Is the game now played in a different location? No problem, you can easily edit or delete a match.

During the match

You can make a match report during or after the match. This way you can keep followers informed with the score progress and fun photos & videos - you also keep track of the team statistics at the same time!

  • Who will be present at the match?
  • Who scored? Who provided the assists?
  • Make sure your followers don't miss anything, add fun photos & videos of the highlights

After the match

Game over? Share the highlights on your social channels! Vote for the Players of the Match & rate your match.

  • Rate the game - everyone on the team can rate how they thought the team played. See the team performance trends in the stats.
  • Vote for the MVP, Playmaker & Workhorse - all players, team coaches & trainers can vote for the players who performed the best that game.
  • Share highlights of the match - you can easily share your final score (incl. personalized cover) on your socials! Did you become Player of the Match? Share this with your Instagram followers!
  • View leaderboards - Who is your team's top scorer? Who gave the most assists? Also compare yourself with all the players of the club or with everyone you follow in the app. Are you on top?

*Unfortunately it currently isn't possible to load the matches via as this functionality is currently being looked at. Our research however shows that it takes a user an average of 10-15 minutes to put all their matches in the Mingle app. The time that the Mingle app saves you afterwards is more than worth it!