Mingle Sport 1.1 update - football team essentials

By Freek Bijl | November 2, 2022

Every week is different with your football team. But the way of working are always the same. Who is attending the training. Where are we playing this weekend? How did the match go?

Mingle Sport 1.1 is the biggest update of our app since its release and consists of a lot of new team essentials:

  • Scheduling Match & training
  • Create match content
  • Team & lineup
  • Match feedback

Most features are available and some will be available before the winter break.

Scheduling match and training

The basics of every team. Who is attending the training. Who are our opponents? And where are we playing this weekend?

Match and training all in one overview. Players specify their availability, so you can see at a glance who's playing the next game and the location of the next game.

01 Match rating Phone
03 Feed Add
01 Schedule overview
03 Capture-Tool-Preview (1)

Create match content

Everything around the game now comes in a tabbed overview. The basic match updates such as scores and today’s team can be easily edited in the overview tab. In the feed tab you can keep a (live) report with more text, audio and video updates. The team and it’s followers can comment.

Videos are getting better and better. Our video team is working hard on the automated video enhancement tool. Our Adaptive Zoom feature that automatically zooms in on videos you share has also been improved, putting you 3 times closer to where the action is happening.

01 Overview (2)
02 Feed
04 Feed caption
03 Feed add (1)

Coming up later this year: lineup

Requested many times: The ability to create and share a detailed lineup is coming soon. We are trying to make the lineup feature so that it also works for teams with less than 11 players and that substitutions don’t be forgotten. You can then easily share the lineup with your team via whatsapp and on your socials.

Voting & giving feedback to each other

How did the match go? How were we performing as a team and which players made the difference? We noticed that a lot of teams use the current player voting feature. That’s why we improved it and made it more beautiful. We also added a new rating, match rating.

Match rating. Was the team 'on fire'?

New in this update: the ability for players, coaches and team support to rate the match. When the team did poorly the flame will be small. With a large flame you indicate that the team was ‘on fire’. The average of all votes becomes the match rating. In the end, the score does not always speak for how the team performed.

Player voting: Who made the difference?

There are and will always be players who made the difference. Some players make the difference by scoring (or stopping the opponent from scoring) all the goals, other players make the difference by working hard and some will make the difference by making the most creative plays.

For each match you can vote for 3 players of the match:

04 MVP results

Workhorse: who worked the hardest and just kept going?

05 MVP results

Playmaker: who was the playmaker with lots of creative actions?

03 MVP results

Most Valuable Player (MVP): which player made the difference in this match?

How does the feedback feature work?

If the match results and today’s team are in all team members (including the trainer(s), team support and/or parents) will receive an invitation to give feedback.

The results will be announced 48 hours after the game. The reveal and ability to share the results on social media will be improved soon.

Which team essentials can we expect in the future?

The different Mingle teams are working hard in the upcoming weeks to make the team essential 1.1 update complete:

  • Edit/cancel options for matches and training
  • Easy and more beautiful ways to share content on social media
  • The IOS video capture tool will get a massive upgrade (already available on Android)

Feedback or ideas?

We would like to hear from you. Use the Intercom chat function or sent an e-mail to [email protected]