How to track match & training attendance

A simple guide to tracking team attendance for matches and practice sessions using Mingle Sport.

You’re a teammanager or coach and want to level up your game when it comes to tracking match & training attendance. Stop wasting time on endless chat message conversation and manual spreadsheet editing. Start tracking team attendance like a pro.

Here is a simple guide to help you track team attendance for matches & training sessions using Mingle Sport.

Track your team attendance better

Invite your team

Create your team. In the Mingle Sport app, go to the team section to use the invite link and team code. Players can simply use the 4 character join code and they’re in. Staff and parents can also join the team.

Schedule matches & practice sessions

Schedule your training sessions and upcoming matches. For training sessions you can schedule recurring series. Team members will receive a notification to inform them of new activities that have been scheduled.

Team members get automatic notifications

2 days before a match and 24 hours before a training session, players receive an automatic reminder in case they haven’t RSVP’ed yet. Want to manually remind them? You can do that yourself in the RSVP section of the activity.

Transport needs and reasons why players can’t make it

When someone indicates they’re attending, they can indicate whether they need transportation or they are are driving.

When a player can’t make it to training or a match, they can provide a reason. Helpful for the coach.

Edit the attendance list

When the activity is about to start you can make final edits to the attendance list. Just hit the edit button and make the final changes based on who’s participating.

Want to see the big picture? In our web-app Homebase you can track attendance trends. In "Team Stats" you will be able to see trends for training attendance as well as match attendance.

You can also go one level deeper and get the player overview so you’ll be able to see attendance for every single player. Here you can also edit individual records in the table view.

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